SF-Based Qordoba Raises $5M Series A Round for Machine Learning Localization

Qordoba, the creators of the first machine-learning solution for localization, has raised $5M in Series A funding from Upfront Ventures and Rincon Venture Partners. The San Francisco-based company is backed by Upfront Ventures and Rincon Venture Partners. Customers include Sephora, Cartier, WorldRemit, Nutanix and Netskope.

Qordoba’s technology allows users and machines to interact with and extract intention from natural language and data. Qordoba’s customers are using Qordoba to create truly localized experiences for global users across their software, websites and marketing content. It is the fastest, most scalable way to grow from one market to many.

“We made it dead simple for engineers to abstract natural human language from code,” said May Habib, Qordoba’s CEO and co-founder. “It means that business teams can use machine learning to write much more intelligent copy – we think companies should be localizing references, place names, tone, in addition to language. We use machine learning to do that.”

Customers include e-commerce companies like Sephora and Cartier and software companies like Nutanix and Netskope. Qordoba’s SmartSuggest machine learning is producing up to a 90% reduction in content production costs and dramatically faster turnaround times for customers.

“From a business perspective, global demand for digital products (SaaS, mobile, and e-commerce) is surging,” said Kara Nortman, partner at Upfront Ventures. “Unlike earlier growth, this is primarily coming from non-native English-speaking markets. Developers are taking their apps global faster than ever. With Qordoba, businesses can be global from day one.”




Written by the editors, staff and interns of San Francisco Wired.

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