WayUp Acquires Looksharp to Form Largest Job Marketplace for Recent College Grads

WayUp has acquired Looksharp, which will create the most advanced job marketplace that will help every college student and recent grads find the right job or internship.

“Gone are the days of job sites that consist of white pages with blue links shown in chronological order,” said Liz Wessel, Co-founder and CEO of WayUp. “With the combination of WayUp and Looksharp’s unique supply both on the job side and the candidate side, this acquisition will expedite WayUp’s growth all the more quickly, as we’ll now have more than 3 million U.S. student and recent grad profiles on the platform.”

WayUp has quickly become the leading place for college students who want to hold the reins to their futures. Students and recent grads know that they will only see jobs they’re qualified for, saving them time spent applying to countless jobs where their application will likely go unviewed. According to WayUp, 23 percent of its job applications result in an interview, compared to industry standard of 2 percent of job applications resulting in an interview. This has resulted in WayUp placing 1 in every 3 applicants in a job — an unprecedented statistic for most open job platforms.

While the company has created a community for its users who are extremely well retained, the team is aware that 73 percent of job seekers in the U.S. start their search in Google. WayUp already has over half a million users whose profiles show in one of the first spots on Google search results before other major job platforms like LinkedIn. Looksharp’s full coverage of most college-related job searches on Google is what led to WayUp first taking notice of the company.

Not only that — the synergy was undeniable, as both companies had the same mission to help college students land jobs in a much more efficient way than ever before. They both believed in building a brand that connected directly with job seekers, which they have seen allows them to retain share of mind among their users beyond graduation.

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Written by the editors, staff and interns of San Francisco Wired.

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